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Why was my order marked as suspicious?

by Shipy on August 14, 2020

Why was my order marked as suspicious?


Generally Cash on Delivery orders are marked suspicious by our system and team manually for the following reasons

  1. Incomplete address
    1. We contact you regarding this and request you to update your address.
  2. No response
    1. If the system or team are unable to contact you or you do not respond to our messages on email and WhatsApp especially to confirm your COD order
  3. Suspicious order details
    1. If your contact information, order note, shipping/billing address have suspicious text, it will be auto marked.
  4. Invalid email/mobile number
    1. When we try to contact you or the system sends you an automated messages and it gets failed, that is a red flag.
  5. Multiple COD orders
    1. If you place multiple COD orders together, especially when previous orders are not yet delivered successfully
  6. Multiple item order
    1. If you place a COD order with multiple items
  7. High Invoice Amount
    1. If your invoice amount is high and payment mode is COD, that is a red flag too. We contact each and every customer and reserve the right to dispatch or hold your order based on your response.
  8. Low E-Com Trust Score
    1. Based on third-party services that many ecommerce websites use, if your trust score among many stores is low, the system will mark your order as High-Risk. In such cases, we contact you manually and confirm the order.
  9. Returning a fake product
    1. If you accepted your order delivery, requested a return on it and sent us back a fake product, we will not process the refund on your order. In such case, we will reship the Shipy order along with the fake product back to you with additional fee of INR 100 charged to you, which needs to be prepaid and not COD. No other action will be taken for such instances.
  10. Manual Flags
    1. Based on communication, if you do any of the following, the team can flag your order.
      1. If you suddenly raise concerns regarding your order when it is dispatched or out for delivery
      2. If you explicitly mention that you will not be available at the shipping address to receive your order when it is in transit or out for delivery
      3. If you straight out say you want to cancel the order after it has been dispatched
      4. If you request changes to the order after it has been dispatched or 48 hours have passed since you placed the order.
      5. If you selected Pay Now Shipping method while shopping but did not pay at the time of checkout and COD Handling Charge is not added, we manually add it, send you a confirmation email. If you refuse to pay the updated agreed upon amount that is a red flag.


What happens when your orders are flagged?

When your orders are flagged by the system and the team alike, all your future orders will be scrutinized and will be thoroughly reviewed by the team before they are processed and dispatched. If multiple flags, especially if a system flag and a manual flag both are marked, your future COD orders will be put on hold.


How will this affect me?

Please read this article for more information on how faking orders can really hurt you. In short, your information generates a unique ID which can be blocked from thousands of online stores. So, every order you place will be reviewed and scrutinized by these online stores. It's not just us, many stores use such third-party tools.


Please note that the above information, metrics, rules, terms mentioned can and will be updated by our team without a prior notice.


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