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How to prevent and remove lint from your apparel?

by Shipy Fashionwear on January 25, 2022

Lint is something that appears on almost all clothing items whether you recently purchased it, or got it delivered a few minutes ago or if you've owned it for months. Most lint is made up of tiny fibers from clothes and is most likely to appear after you have washed the product. Lint can be produced by any cloth and can get stuck to any other cloth. It can get stuck to a single piece of cloth out of 50. 

Do not worry though, lint doesn't ruin your clothing, it can be removed and prevented as well. 

How to Prevent Lint

Use a cool, relaxed or gentle wash cycle
Wash clothes in cold water instead of hot on a gentle cycle which leads to far less lint than a hot water wash cycle does. 

Isolate lint-producers
Wash blankets or sweaters separately as they cause a lot of lint to be produced which gets stuck on other clothes. Other clothes that cause lint should be washed separately as well. 

Another round in the washer or the dryer will shake-off most lint. You can skip the detergent, use the shortest drying or delicate wash cycle and use cold water instead of hot. 

Wash clothes inside-out
Even if lint is produced, shredded and gets stuck to clothes, it'll be on the inside and not visible. This is not a permanent solution, however it works very well. 

Use a Dryer Sheet
A dryer sheet is a lint magnet and removes lint from all clothes. It can even be used to rub on your apparel to remove lint and it works pretty well.
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how to get rid of lint on clothes


Use the best detergent for your washing machine
It may seem weird to hear but results have shown that using a front-load detergent on a top-load machine has proved to be problematic for the clothes. It doesn't work as well, the stains don't go away as much and lint keeps getting stuck. Buy from Amazon

Check empty pockets
Sometimes trousers, pants, jackets, hoodies may have items left inside their pocket that can cause lint, such as tissues, paper etc. 
remove cloth


Clean your washing machine
If you see a lot of lint on clothes mostly after each wash cycle, it is time to clean your washing machine drum from the inside. Power it off, unplug it and use a microfiber cloth or similar to wipe off the insides. Buy from Amazon

The Sun Dry
Air dry your clothes in the sun. The more the wind blows, the more lint is taken off the clothes by nature. There are a lot of benefits to drying your clothes in the sun and in a little wind. Note that darker colored clothes must not be left for prolonged times in the sun especially in the summer. 

Use distilled vinegar (Optional)
A lot of articles on the internet have suggested adding 1/4th cup or 40-60 ml of distilled vinegar to your wash cycle or using to clean your machine. Please do your own research. Buy from Amazon


How to Remove Lint

If you have got lint on your clothes, you can still achieve success by applying the following points. 

  1. Use a Lint Roller which is by far one of the most effective methods to remove lint from all your clothes easily and it is designed to do that Buy from Amazon
  2. Use Velcro to rub lint away. With the properties that a Velcro has, it can easily remove all lint and get it stuck on itself making your clothes lint-free Buy from Amazon
    how to remove lint without a lint roller
  3. Use a dryer sheet or contact paper to wipe lint off Buy from Amazon 
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  4. Use a rubber glove or old nylon cloth to wipe off lint
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  5. Use a dry or brand new scour pad (Scotch Brite) Buy from Amazon 
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  6. Use "air-only", "air-dry" setting on dryer
  7. Rub a pumice or sweater stone against lint-covered clothes
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    how to get rid of lint without a lint roller
  8. Rub the cloth with a gentle cloth brush that lifts dust, lint, dandruff and more Buy from Amazon
  9. Use your hairdryer for quick removal of lint. Don't forget to use a hanger for best results. In this step, you can also use pumice stone or the cloth brush. Buy from Amazon 
    10 Household Hacks to Remove Lint From Clothes
  10. Use a sweater or fabric shaver Buy from Amazon
  11. Make your own Lint Roller with wide masking tape sticking to a rolling pin or a roller brush Buy from Amazon

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