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3 Anti-Blue Light Blocking Computer Eyeglasses you must have

by Shipy Fashionwear on April 02, 2021

Expanding our eyewear collection across platforms we decided to make some Anti-Blue Light Eyeglasses also known as Blue Cut Lens. These special eyeglasses are for everyone who uses a device with a screen which could be your computer or mobile phone. Many screens emit a blue light that harms your eyes and these blue cut lens, blocks that blue light from entering and damaging your vision over time. 

Some major benefits of Anti-Blue Light Eyeglasses are - reducing eye strain, eye fatigue, headaches which leads to better focus on works and studies and also aids in better sleep patterns. 

To get started, we have 3 cool, fashionable yet simple designs for you - Helix, Tetron & Motif. These are a must-have if you do a lot of computer work and especially for children who take online classes through Laptops or Mobile phones. 

1. Helix

Helix is more of a cat-eye design which comes with a guarantee card and a blue light emitting testing device for your satisfaction. 

Shipy | Helix - Anti-Blue Light Blocking Computer Eyeglasses with Blue Cut Lens


2. Tetron

Tetron has an evergreen rectangular design with glossy finish on the side bars (temple). Tetron gives a decent look usually for your office or meetings. 

Shipy | Tetron - Anti-Blue Light Blocking Computer Eyeglasses with Blue Cut Lens

3. Motif

Motif is a rectangular eyeglass with a carved design on side bars (temple) and a glossy finish. If you want something fashionable and practical, Motif is the one for you. 

Shipy | Motif - Anti-Blue Light Blocking Computer Eyeglasses with Blue Cut Lens


Note that these are 0 power eyeglasses and should only be worn if your vision is perfect but you use screens most of the time. You can still order these eyeglasses and get the glasses changed from your local optometrist. 


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