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What happens when you refuse to accept or place a fake order on our store?

by Shipy on February 01, 2021
Hint: You are not getting away with it easily.
We use multiple third-party apps/services to flag fake orders or customers who usually reject orders after placing them. We recognize suspicious orders as and when they are placed because of the details you & these services provide. Such services are used by many e-commerce stores like ours across India and the World. So, every fake order is flagged via multiple nodes. Nodes are information provided by you and the information generated by the system. These nodes form a cluster. A fake order can be flagged based on a particular node, multiple nodes or even a cluster.

So, if you place a fake order on a store X and then place an order on our store, we will be notified that you are a suspicious customer. Similarly, if you place a fake order on our store and then place an order on another store, they will be notified of the same. These apps/services also gives the stores power to blacklist your mobile number, address, email altogether. When you are blacklisted, every store will be informed about your fake order history when you place an order there.

This system is not perfect yet but we are a small team of people running an ecommerce business with dreams and all of our hard earned money put into it. We sincerely do not want to see it go to waste over cruel intentions of customers placing fake orders, hence these strict services help us save money. Granted that some customer do get away with it, they place the order and then at the time of delivery, raise concerns, stop taking calls from delivery executive, don't reply to our WhatsApp messages or straight out refuse to accept the order. In such cases we lose money of shipping the order, but the customer loses trust among thousands of online stores.

All in all, don't cheat us or any other business or customer, we are a small team with limited resources, limited money but a lot of dreams. Every single penny means a lot to us. We do our best to serve each and every customer and understand the genuine concerns when we read or see them and provide solutions too.

P.S: Nobody likes to lose money. If you were sent a link to this, your order might be flagged.

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