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Rewards & Cashback Program

Rewards and Cashback program lets you earn points for each action you take on our store at Shipy.in starting from signing up, referring your friends to placing an order. All points are worth real money and can be redeemed for your future orders. 

Each point is equivalent to INR 0.4 which means that when you have 100 points, you can use them to slash INR 25 off your order subtotal. 

How & when are points earned?

  • Signup for an account and get 20 Points
  • Customers earn 25 Points for every ₹499 spent (spending amount does not include taxes, shipping etc.)
  • Customers earn 10 Points when an order is placed with their referral link
    • Your friend gets ₹10 off entire first order
  • 10 points each for following Shipy @shipyindia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • 1 point for each visit to the store (limit to 1 per day)
  • 5 points for sharing a product's link on Facebook through the share button only.

How to enroll?

Just look for the following icon on your screen when you open Shipy and click on it. An account with Shipy.in is required, so make sure you register first so your earned points are saved in your account and later redeemable. 

Shipy Rewards & Cashback Program Icon 

What does Cashback mean?

For every order you place, you will receive 25 points which is equivalent to INR 10. The point stay in your account until you can redeem them.

Note that you will not receive a cashback in your account or mode of payment for the order you have placed.


How to redeem?

You can redeem your points as discount when you checkout. If you have enough points, you will be eligible Flat INR discounts on your orders above ₹499.

Follow these steps to redeem, click on rewards icon, then ways to redeem, then select your choice of redemption, and click redeem to get your discount code. Copy the code and apply it before you checkout in the Gift card & Discount code section.

What are the limits on redemption of points?

Minimum points that can be redeemed per order are 50, which is INR 25
Maximum points that can be redeemed per order are 100, which is INR 50


Fair Practices

Points are calculated automatically. When orders are returned, points are subtracted. If fair practice is not used by customer, we reserve the right to remove points without notice. Each action, redemption, point must be earned or spent fairly. We reserve the right to exclude customers from the program for repeated violations.



Third Party cookies 


Rewards and Cashback uses third-party cookies that may store your Shipy account information and your visit to our store in order to reward you for it.