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Our support team is available on WhatsApp, Email and Website Chat throughout the week from 9 AM - 8 PM. We generally respond within 2 hours but some requests/cases can take as long as 24 hours. 


Chat-Based Support Only

All written communication is documented and can be referenced by another support person at a later time. At present, we cannot receive or make calls to our customers, we are only permitted to have written communication for proof, validity & transparency. If another support person comes, they will be able to help you right away and you won't have to explain your concern, request, or problem from the beginning. 

Please note: We cannot make or receive phone calls to or from our customers. All calls on our support number or on WhatsApp will be unanswered. 


Phone based communication is heavily relied on the person you are speaking to. If they are unable to adhere to your request or are not authorized, they will leave you hanging. We do not want that. We want your requests, messages to be in your words and not interpreted by our support team. 

If you have any message, query, we request you to please send them to us via Email, Chat or WhatsApp only.